Cocktail Tips


Many cocktail recipes (on the simpler side) call for only 3 ounces of liquid. A glass that’s too large will feel inappropriate.


A large cocktail often warms in the glass before you can finish it. This compromises the experience of a cocktail best enjoyed chilled.


A large cocktail makes it easier to overindulge. It’s better to start with a smaller amount and prepare another if need be.


Know when to use a stemmed glass. Which is whenever you're serving a shaken or stirred drink, without ice. The stem keeps the heat from your hands away from the cocktail.

Pair your party with the right playlist.

Every holiday party needs a little music. Here are a few tips to help you craft the best possible experience.

Make a
custom build.

The best playlists are curated with this in mind: how will the songs play one after the other? Strive to plan the entire flow of your playlist.

Plan the
right length.

Your playlist should ensure most of the songs get played without needing to repeat. Which means, you should customize the length of the list to the length of the party.

Know your

Use the tempo, theme and overall vibe of your playlist to match the occasion. Conversation-driven affair? Slower tempo. Dance territory? Work your way up to tracks with higher BPMs.

Keep several aces
up your sleeve.

Sometimes there’s a hiccup in even the most carefully curated list. Read the room and be ready to employ a few back-pocketed crowd-pleasing hits if the situation calls for it.

Some Hosting Help

Your Cocktails

Deciding what to serve? Have guests RSVP with their favorite cocktails. Then pre-make the most popular choices in batches for the big night.

Do some
pre-party prep

Stocking up on the basics–vodka, rum and whiskey–will have you prepped for most crowd-pleasing cocktails. Plus, picking up an assorted case of wine will ensure you always have a bottle on hand.

Up and
at ‘em

Get people moving by setting up the bar outside of the room where everyone is mingling, so they have to travel for another helping of eggnog.


An appropriate pour makes a cocktail better and keeps your guests safer. If your guests are serving themselves, set up recipe cards with the appropriate measuring devices at the self-serve table. Or hire a professional bartender.

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Pour to your theme

The right cocktails can lend themselves to the theme of your get-together.
Make sure what your pouring isn’t at odds with the overall vibe of your holiday party.

Hot and spiked

A hot cocktail like the Vanilla Hot Toddy is perfect for a holiday get-together by the fireplace, complete with hors d'oeuvres and conversation.

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Classic and festive

For a more traditional holiday party it’s best to feature a classic cocktail or something inspired by one of the classics like Santa-Clausmopolitan. An option like this adds to the festivities while guests have some idea of what they’re getting.

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Easy and informal

A big batch recipe like Holiday Jamgria is perfect for less formal affairs where your guests can serve themselves. Informal parties might include a classic “ugly holiday sweater” party or a “make your own gingerbread house” get-together.

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Make sure you’re prepared for the party by planning how many wines and spirits you’ll need ahead of time.

bottle(s) of wine
(750 mL)
bottle(s) of spirits
(750 mL)
How many guests?
How many hours?

Please make sure the numbers you enter are larger than 0. Combined percentages should be less than or equal to 100%.